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Symmetry is an exact balance on opposite sides of a dividing line of an item. ”The same on both sides”.  A butterfly and a heart are both symmetric items.

  • Horizontal Line Symmetry

    See how the reflection is the same as the top of the picture? The symmetry flows side to side.

  • Vertical Line Symmetry

    Same on either side, but the direction is going up and down.

    Here are some images of vertical line symmetry:

  • No Line Symmetry

    Not everything is symmetric; these shapes and/or images are called: Asymmetric.

    Asymmetric can be defined as: An item that does not have an exact line of symmetry; Item cannot be divided equally. It is uneven.

Can you draw one of the types of line symmetry described above?  Still stuck, take a look at these videos Ms. D’Angora made to show you how to do it with paint or pencil, to give you some ideas!