Faith Life

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13

Centered in Christ

The foundation of our entire school is Jesus Christ.  It is important that we strive to help each other draw closer to Christ, so that we may reach our ultimate goal of heaven.  We start our mornings together in prayer, say Grace before meals, and we end our day in prayer together.  The blessing of a Catholic classroom is that students can have open, honest conversations about their faith. They can talk about how their faith enlightens how they view all subjects.  When they question their faith, our teachers are there to help them find the answers they seek and to walk with them on their journey.

In the School

Our school is blessed to have the pastor of St. Margaret Parish who is present to the students regularly.  He celebrates Mass together with the students weekly, provides opportunities for students to go to confession, and most importantly he serves as a visual representation of Christ’s love for each student.

We are Catholic in that we teach and live the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as importantly we are catholic meaning universal.  We welcome students and families from all faith backgrounds who desire an excellent education and to participate fully in the life of our schools.

Serving Others

Our students participate in a range of Christian service projects.  Whether they are gathering shoes for cold feet,  collecting hats and mittens for other children, or saving school supplies for those affected by hurricanes, our students learn so much more than completing a task.  Our students are able to give of themselves and care deeply about others.