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“Teaching is an amazing profession.  The rewards are not always monetary but are rich and hilarious experiences you have, and the awesome kids and grown-ups you meet along the way.  I have had the pleasure to experience the entire lifespan of a great little school.  What a long time 25 years is, and what a short time, “all good things must come to an end”…and this one did.  We opened with 3 classes- two kindergartens and two 1st/2nd grade combo.  I had 12 K students.  We then grew rapidly, and I had many years of 30 kindergarteners per year.  You had to get on our waiting list right out of the delivery room, for a while!  During these 25 years, I had many funny experiences (yes- I’m writing a book! 🙂 – what else would you expect in the world of kindergarten?!?  I also met some of the kindest, funniest, coolest people I’ve ever met in my life.  I want to thank all the parents who made my K life easier and more fun, over all these years!  Please keep in touch!” -Ms. Larson

“I had the pleasure of spending the best year of my career teaching Middle School Math at St. Margarets in 2016/2017.  St. Margarets was such a wonderful little community.  Everybody, from the Principal, Mrs. Saucier, to the youngest Pre-Schooler did everything they could to ensure a pleasant, happy environment.  The students were open to instruction, took responsibility for their work, and worked hard to become better.  My favorite times at St. Margarets were always the extracurricular activities, the dances, basketball games, and field trips.  Seeing the students come together and truly enjoy each other’s company was something special that I haven’t seen at any other school.  Every day that I walked through the doors of our tiny little school, I felt as if I was with family.   I’m fortunate to still bump into a few of my former students, and every time that I do, I’m brought back to the unique, agreeable little school in Buzzards Bay.  I remember it fondly and miss it tremendously.” -Mr. Negron    

“Very sad ending to a wonderful school. Our son was a student there from K-4. We’d like to thank the school staff, teachers, and the other families in the school community for making our experience there wonderful. Nothing but wonderful memories. We wish everyone the best in their future endeavors.” -The Fein Family


  • Words from Mrs. Mihalovich

    The “SMRS Experience”

    When we had children and thought about the kind of education we wished for them to have, our primary requirements were that their school be a welcoming, nurturing, loving and safe place to learn.  St. Margaret Regional School encompassed all of those and so much more.  I always knew the teachers and staff there knew and loved my kids…not just the lower grade teachers, but ALL teachers knew who my children were from the moment they walked through the doors.  What a way to make a child feel special!  Even better, I was able to teach at SMRS so I was able to be there for everything that was going on at the school.  How lucky I was!

    When I say SMRS is a “magical place” it is because it was – and everybody knew it.  In my 14 years at the school, more than one person has told me that this school was special, magical….not just one person in passing, but many.  SMRS left its mark on all who were a part of it.  We were all the better for having been there.  Every day the school was abuzz with teachers teaching, students actively learning in so many fun ways, parents and volunteers in and out of the classroom, helping teachers, photocopying, and answering phones.  Our parent volunteers did it all – from making and serving lunches to cafeteria and recess duty, chaperoning field trips, running reading groups, creating materials for class…they were a part of the fabric of the school. We had a vibrant PTO for so many years that provided endless opportunities for fun and traditions for our beloved school.  It wasn’t just about the fundraising, it was about creating opportunities to have fun as families and to bond in our common faith and common mission – to provide an amazing, faith-filled education for our children.  We were a FAMILY.

    SMRS was a place where I have met some of my best friends whom I consider family, and I’m so lucky to have them in my life still.  It was a place where I met so many wonderful students of all ages who I’ve watched grow up from kindergarten to their 20’s.  They were not just kids, they were MY kids – they were each amazing in their own way.  When I see the milestones my students have reached as they’ve grown up, I too am proud of their accomplishments, and my heart swells.

    It was a blessing knowing so many dedicated, intelligent and nurturing staff over the years.  I have never seen the level of devotion to students that I have seen at SMRS over the past 14 years….so many things that as a parent and teacher I was able to witness.  I had the privilege of seeing the behind-the-scenes happenings each day that would make a difference in a child’s life.  I saw so many children changed for the better because of their experience at SMRS….so many children who might have been lost, struggling, weary.  I am most proud of our ability to reach those students – so many of them – and turn them around.  I watched so many “lost causes” not only succeed, but excel.  That was what we did best – showed our students love and devotion to help them be the best they could be.

    Traditions…we had so many of them.  These are the traditions that my children and all SMRS children will fondly remember about their childhood.  Experiences and rites of passage that SMRS students knew would be theirs someday.  There were so many!  Like, Back to School Night, Open Houses, the Halloween Party, Día de los Muertos, the Craft Fair, Choir, Breakfast with Santa, the Christmas Concert (Fum, Fum, Fum!!), weekly masses, Catholic Schools week with PJ Day, popcorn and a movie, ice skating, dress down days, Candy Bingo, school dances, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion together as a class, Student Council Pasta Supper, Science Fair, field trips to the Coonamesset Farm, Zeiterion Theater, Fenway Park, Canal Cruise, Woodneck Beach, Woods Hole Aquarium, Harvard Museum, Boston Aquarium, and the Agawam River Project, participating in the Stations of the Cross, dressing as your favorite Saint, the Easter Egg Hunt, Restaurante Dalí, Near Space Balloon Project, Field Day, Talent Show, Awards Ceremony, End of Year Fiesta, Semi-formal, Pre-k, K, Gr. 4 & 8 graduation…and I’m sure I missed some!  Imagine all of these opportunities that our children had because they were students at our beloved St. Margaret Regional School.  How lucky they were!

    I will forever be grateful for the experience our family had to be such an integral part of an amazing school, and all of the unforgettable people and moments along the way.  #SMRSremembers

  • From Mrs. Hoffmeister

    Saying goodbye to our  school is something I have spent many moments thinking about..

    How do you say goodbye to a building  you spent half of your life in? The memories of these last 23 plus years will stay with me forever! 

    My first year as a P.E teacher at St. Margaret’s was challenging, as I had to find activities we could do in a carpeted BINGO hall. Each year I became more and more excited as changes began to happen!  Enrollment and the building was taking shape as our BINGO hall started to look more like a gymnasium. As a younger teacher, we had soccer teams that had more than 30 team members whom I can still name today. 

    I can see the faces of so many families that have come through our doors. It was never just a school, but a home. Parents and students were always proud and protective of this ” little home” and it is where I, along with the students grew up. 

    Teaching middle school students about adolescent growth and development are some memories I will never forget! Seeing the excitement and joy in their faces during the Talent Show, field day, and award ceremonies were priceless. 

    I have loved being a teacher at St. Margaret’s for so many reasons. The connection between teachers, students and families is something other schools strive for. Being able to talk about God, our Faith, and how we can all carry Jesus’ message is something the World needs more of. Spending each day with children we love, co-workers that make me laugh every day and new challenges and adventures each year has been what kept me here for so long.

    Our school community has had many joyous occasions, along with some sad. The loss of two very dear friends and colleagues- Fran Fahey and Sue Milot brought us even closer,  and those are two beautiful teachers our children were so lucky to have had. 

    How do we say goodbye? I don’t  know if I can ? … we are saying goodbye to 143 Main St. but the cherished memories of all those beautiful little faces, some grown, some gone .. will always be part of us. We have learned from each other , loved each other and never will forget each other.

    Karen Hoffmeister

     “ Oh those memories

    Oh happy times those memories

    All I have now is memories

    Memories of you”

    ~Van Morrison

“I want to say thank you for the 7 wonderful years my kids; Carmella and Cecilia were able to spend there learning, laughing and growing. I’m so glad I found this little school so many years ago ❤️ my kids will forever be better people because of it. And thank you to all the teachers and staff who were always so kind and loving my girls.” -Christine Lunney

“SMRS entered our lives 13 years ago when our now eighteen-year-old son entered Ms. Larson‘s class. The school was small and kind of out of date but it quickly became our second family.  The class grew fast and was much bigger but the quality was never lost.  Our children made special friends and we will never forget a lot of the memories. The pancake supper, large concerts, Halloween parties, Christmas events, dances, semi-formals, graduations, and I could go on and on. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through if it was not for Mr. Schirch and of course, Mrs. Saucier, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. C, and so on. St. Margarets was a blessing to all three of our children and for that, we are grateful and blessed. It’s sad to know it won’t be there.”  -The Grygent Family