The Arts

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord." - Ephesians 5:19

 Through art, music, dance, and acting, St. Margaret Primary gives your child many opportunities to embrace the creative talents God has given!  Our Visual and Performing Arts curriculums let children be artists, helping them to express their individuality, develop fine motor skills, gain confidence in themselves, and learn perseverance. Read more about each of our programs by clicking on the links below.

  • Visual Arts

    “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

    Maya Angelou

    The Visual Arts curriculum at St. Margaret Primary helps our students understand themselves and the world around them. Throughout art classes, students are challenged to express themselves and their creativity through different projects and mediums. Our Art classes encourage neural development, fine motor skills and problem-solving skills which help students in their academic subjects. Plus, it’s fun!

  • Choir

    The school choir, which begins after the fall musical, is an opportunity for students to learn to participate in a vocal ensemble, together, perhaps for the first time. Choir members learn the fundamentals of music while working together on engaging songs that are chosen for both their fun-filled nature, as well as the ability to help students learn their faith.  Students in the choir, like any musical ensemble, also develop valuable ensemble skills that serve them well in their lives as “performers,” in a variety of life settings. 


  • Strings Program

    At St. Margaret Primary we offer the unique opportunity of a robust on-site affordable strings program for our students. Music Education teaches even the youngest children patience, sensitivity, and the importance of practice. Children also develop pride in their musical accomplishments, and their academic gains are multiplied.

    The Suzuki violin and ‘cello instruction is offered in a group setting by Mrs. Karin Loewen, the strings instructor for all three campuses.  Suzuki instruction is unique because it is designed for students as young as age 3, and yet adults do well with it too!  If you have any questions please email .

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  • The Musical

    |Performing Arts Calendar 2019-2020

    Each fall, St. Margaret Primary School puts on a high-quality musical starring our own 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders both in front of the curtain and behind the scenes. Students learn to develop the valuable skills of acting, singing and dancing, together, as well as individually, as they develop their parts on stage. This year’s musical is Aladdin Kids. Our recent past musicals include The Wizard of Oz Jr. and Annie Kids.  These musicals allow our students to have exposure to Broadway material at a young age and are taught by faculty who have worked for many years with Broadway personnel.  St. Margaret is proud to say that we perform all of our material “live” with no “canned,” or pre-recorded tracks, showcasing the power of live human performance! Technical support from our high school allows our students at all levels to work together on this project, each year.  We hope you can join us on November 26, 2019, at 6PM for what promises to be an exciting show.

  • Music Class

    Music class meets weekly at St. Margaret Primary, and has a twofold emphasis.  First, the fundamentals of music itself are taught, using Solfege, while every student is engaged in singing.  Music notation is taught with competent, direct instruction so that students can learn to “decode” this universal human language!  Second, the Catholic faith is taught by the use of sacred music that transmits our rich faith tradition, while still keeping it enjoyable, and age-appropriate.  Students thrive in this challenging and engaging environment!